The Beautiful Experience—Xue Zhang


9508e28d-1098-44aa-abb7-299e85ad3f6a     In Oral class, we studied a lot of knowledge about American history and visited some interesting places. First, we learnt the story about the Statue of Liberty  that it was given by France to America to celebrate the Declaration of Independence. At the beginning, New York would lose it because they didn’t have enough money to build it.So Mr.Joseph Pulizer organized an activity that appealed to people to raise money to keep the Statue of Liberty in New York.  This statue has been a symbol  for generation after generation of Americans who took wisdom and sweat to develop the country.

Second, we visited  Grand Central Terminal. I thought it was so beautiful and spectacular when I visited it for the first time. In this class, the professor led us on a tour. We saw the ceiling painting and visited the Campbell Apartment bar and restaurant.

Last week, we visited a farm and it was my first time travelling by train in New York. We saw the beautiful landscape, tasted  local foods, and walked a long distance. Also, I thought it was the best time we have had for communication and helped us to develop our friendships. During the time, we were talking, drinking and telling jokes to each other. It was a wonderful day!

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