Unforgettable experience by Suging


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My favorite place that I visited this course was our last trip. We went to Irvington, Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow, and Stone Barns. I never thought I would visit these places, which was an great experience and eye opening. Getting to know new places and the history behind it gives me an understanding of the place. When we visited Irvington, we met Rip Van Winkle, he welcomed us to the town. Also, we were walking to the forest to see Jay Gould castle, which was huge. When I was reading The New Colossus by Marshall Goldberg, I imagined the castle to be different and when I saw the castle in real life I was amazed. Afterwards, we went to Stone Barns, on the farm there was a organic cafe and there was two “sexy”¬†Dominican guys. In addition, after getting lost and long walks, we finally got to Sleepy Hollow. I pictured Sleepy Hollow in a different way when I read the book, but getting the chance to visit it now I have the real picture of the town. I am glad I did not miss the chance to get to know more places in New York. Spending the day with my classmates helped me learn more about them and we had a great time.

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