Wonderful memories by Harrison Choy




Time flows very quickly; 2 months have already passed.Today it is my last day for the oral skills class.I have learnt a lot of things through this semester.I noticed that I did not
only learn about
language but the history of America also.One of them is the iconic symbol of America, The Statue of Liberty.In 1885, the people of France donated the pieces of the statue as a gift to celebrate the Declaration of Independence.Joseph Pulitzer determined to save the Statue of Liberty.Also the Statue of Liberty symbolize freedom for immigrants.I made a lot of friends from different countries.I have learnt how to communicate with them.Different people have different cultures and customs.I realised that a lot of people have different points of view and their thinking is totally different from  Asian.

It was a particular day on last Friday that we had a trip to go to Tarrytown in Westchester County.We went to a forest and a farm in the town.I learn about the story of Sleepy Hallow.I have seen different types of animals in my previous country so I was not so excited for this side.But,I had a great day for spending time with my friends and teacher.I took a lot of beautiful pictures.When breathing the fresh air,I felt relaxed that I can get out of the busy city.I used to live in the area surrounded by mountains. At that time,I hoped I could  live in the busy city and I thought I would like the rhythm .Now,I missed the day I lived at a nature environment.In general I prefer to live in the city because it is convenient  for transportation and suitable for daily need.Also, I was excited because we lost in the forest.It was such a good memory and experiences that I have in New York.

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