On 2016 September 17, we had a fortunate opportunity
offered by our kindly teacher, Fiore Sireci, having
a relaxing time to travel to a suburb which is not
too far from New York City. We took a train from
Grand Central Station at 12:58 pm Track 36 heading
to Tarrytown, the residential zone that used to be
the place where the Dutch lived.


At the center of town, the teacher told that there is a famous intersection like Times Square in New York City but it looks totally different in my mind. It consists of contemporary buildings which are only two or three stories. It looks clean and peaceful there, attracting me to live in that town. There are also many cutely decorated shops such ice-cream shops, coffee shops, and restaurants. By walking around, I saw a lot of houses and banks in this town which do not look similar. They have more green areas around buildings and different styles from the capital city. We had so much fun looking around this town while we waited for a car to go to Stone Barns Farm.


We got off at the entrance of Stone Barns Farm. It looks like the place that I have seen in the movies before. everyone walked into the farm and looked around, took a lot of photos, and enjoyed some organic smell. We stopped at the church where there was a little wooden shop selling organic food and organic drinks. At that time they had a wedding ceremony. Everyone was wearing a formal suit. It made me think of my country about the place like this. After we finished our food, we headed to the place that the teacher called “small castle” by car and we used pipe way walking back to town for Rip Van Winkle’s statue who got time teleported to a future era.


– The End –

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