The Trip To Tarrytown


by Jack(Yuming Xie)

Last Friday we traveled to Tarrytown. And it was a good experience for me; Tarrytown is a beautiful and quiet place. When I walked on the road, I felt so relaxed. And I looked at so many beautiful buildings in Tarrytown.There are some beautiful buildings that I took some pictures of.


At first, I went to the library here with my friends, and that library is so big and beautiful. When I went into it, I felt so quiet because all the people were both reading books or newspapers and keeping quiet consciously.I liked doing anything in this environment, and I looked at so many books in that library. Some book’s introductions attracted me, and I prepared to read these books after this trip. And then I sat here and felt so relaxed, and I forgot any pressure. That is a very good place.


After that, we went to the farm by car. In the farm, there were almost no people at that time. When we walked on the road in the farm, our vision was very broad. I could see something clearly in the distance. And the sky was very blue, and the clouds were very white and beautiful. Near the road, some cows were eating in the farm, and others were sleeping. The cows were so cute, and a cow was very close to us, and my friend went to touch it, but maybe it was so shy that it ran away right now. This farm was very good, clean and beautiful. It is very different from farms in my country. In my country, farms are very ugly, and the road in the farms is very difficult to walk, and if people enter the farms, you will feel so dirty and you won’t stay there for a long time. I think farmers in my country need to visit here and learn form here. And that I liked that farm, I felt so comfortable in that farm, we can breathe the good air here. The farm is so good.


I remember that we went to the greenhouse after that, and we saw the vegetables such as tomatoes, hot peppers and some vegetables that I don’t know. The vegetables were  growing well, and I hope I can eat them in the future. Then we went to see the turkeys and sheep, I think the sheep were so cute and I don’t like turkeys in the farm. I took some pictures of them. I was so happy that I could looked at the sheep so close, but I didn’t want to look at those turkeys, maybe they were so ugly for me.


Then we went to another place, there was a large tree. But this place was not interesting for me, so I don’t have too much feeling about that, and then we went to walk on a very famous road that was so long. And I walked on the road and enjoyed the music, I felt so happy and relaxed.

All in all, this was an very good trip and Tarrytown is a very nice place. If I have opportunity in the future, I will bring some friends here. Also, I think this is a good place to live, maybe I will choose this place to live in the future. I am so happy that I could have this experience. Thanks to my teacher!



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