MET NEW YORK – Tarrytown



                                                                                                                         by Melody

          I am a girl who likes to take photos of corners of the world and had never tried to take trips during classes. Sometimes I enjoy staying at home, sometimes I prefer to go on trips. It is thought that everyone had an amazing trip no matter who they traveled with or where they traveled to; all of the amazing parts are based on the meaning of the trip without making plans before traveled. tarry-8

          Unbelievable, oral classes were interesting by the trips; last Friday teacher and my classmates were traveled a peaceful place named Tarrytown. img_7483I would like to say that it was a enjoyable and memorable time. Though I was almost missed the train, I was not too late to miss any of the sceneries.  As we arrived, teacher asked if someone knows the tree near us. It is the oldest oak; this village was famous for it. The maple in the picture is the one Dennis gave me. Later, we were separated into 3 groups; we followed teacher’s advice to go anywhere in Main St.

img_7494The first place that I visited called “Warner Library”. And I just looked around. For me, it seems like the same library as others. Peaceful and relaxable are the feature of libraries. To be honest, I was not interested in, especially the furnace. It is modern and expresses a sense of history. Nevertheless, some of us had a cup of tea, some of us had an ice cream, others got the coffee. These things are  from different restaurants and popular in Greenburgh.


          Mount Pleasant is not too huge; however, it is the one of my favorite img_7569places in this trip. When I was 3, I lived in Nei MengGu, which is the biggest grassland I have gone, everything in there I love so much as my value memory. The fresh air I breathed, the milk I drank, the people I met, even the grass I touched. Therefore, the Mount Pleasant made me relax.

          DROP-OFF FOR HAY BARN, SILOS, BLUE HILL RESTAURANT, BLUE HILL CAFE, STONE BARN OFFICE  That was the sign I saw in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.IMG_7573.JPG

          In the front of Irvington Middle School, we learned the story of RIP VAN WINKLE.

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