My Heart in Tarrytown


By Adem Kefelioglu



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I’ve been living in New York since 2015. The first time I went to a farm in the U.S. When we got there I asked a question to myself why haven’t I discovered another face of New York so far? Before we went there I was not supposed to see such a great place because the farm is not far away from Manhattan. We usually see towers, hectic life, cars, air pollution, and things like that. I thought rural people are like urban people. But I see, so that it was different than I thought.

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I paid attention to the environment. I saw many kinds of animals. Caws were eating grass, sheep and turkeys were playing with each other. I felt like myself in my village because my family used to have animals like these; that’s why, I like to go to farms. The farm was well organized among organic foods and animals. They produce their own foods and sell them to people. It is a good opportunity to make business. Currently, cancer is being increased by non-organic food. Therefore, people are looking for organic food which provides them healthier life. I was also interested in the people of Tarrytown act like they seem happier than other people who live in the city. In my opinion, they don’t carry stress on their shoulders. Farmers just care about their animals and products; that’s why, they are happier.

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We also visited such a great castle which is located in a spectacular place. I had never seen a castle before in the U.S. It is built in European style which I liked. You can see American and European architectural style when you look at the castle.The castle also has a beautiful garden, and we took the long path way among forest and beautiful private houses. We saw like water tower, it has been made to bring clean water to the city, which interested me.

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I experienced new things and new places. I always consider about if someone comes from Turkey Where I am going to bring them. Finally I found my places. I also spent time outside with my classmates. I wish we could do it again.

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