A taste of afternoon tea

by Roisa

One Friday the class did a lovely trip to Tarrytown, where we also enjoyed a nice cup of tea. The small, charming city have a touch of earlier sheen, and gives visitors a feeling of the good, old days.

In an old fashion teashop a family from India had their Afternoon tea, as some probably have had for centuries. Afternoon tea is a very British tradition of a small meal served with bread, jam, small cakes, and, of course tea.

The first European settlers in Tarrytown were Dutch farmers, but it soon became part of the British territory, in 1674. Before the European settlement, native Americans lived in the area and fished in Hudson river. Tarrytown is located by the river, and some half an hour on the metro north from Manhatten. That makes the litle town popular for people working in the City. According to Wikipedia in 2014 Tarrytown was ranked second in the list of the top 10 places to live in New York.

With small shops looking old fashion Tarrytown appear to be a peaceful place outside a bigger city. As many smaller cities in U.S. with bigger shopping malls outside, Tarrytown now is a place for afternoon tea, coffee shops, yarn shops and antiques. A small place worth a visit.