By Gerardo Marquez(Game Critics)

“WE ARE 11”

 For this game, you must be very dexterous and be able to learn the control combinations to maneuver the players.  Unless you catch on to the controls quickly, you will watch your players dance all over the field! After trying this game on several gaming consoles, I found it does not play well on PSP. Despite these flaws, the graphics and sense of reality in the game are amazing!  Regardless of the high price, this game is great for soccer fans who love gaming!

 This video game was one of the most anticipated games for soccer lovers. EA Sports however, didn’t fulfill our expectations.The control over the players is confusing and difficult to learn.

  • By Gerardo Marquez

 This  game is  based on one of the most famous texts about the afterlife. This game will keep you on the edge of your seat. The graphics are really amazing. Even if you did not read Dante Alighieri’s original text, you will be able to understand this game. The manipulations of the character is very easy.  I like this because you don’t have to think so much about the technical aspects of the game and just enjoy playing!  Unfortunately, this game is not appropriate for kids and has mature content.  This game seems to have similarities with God of War, but Dante’s Inferno, in my opinion, is much better.

 After a long wait, Mortal Kombat is finally coming out with a new series called MORTAL KOMBAT LEGACY. With Mortal Kombat’s long history of successful games, this is an unexpected bonus for fans! I am hoping that the series is not as violent as the games.


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