It was our first time in Williamsburg, where used to be an area full of factories in 1960; Hispanics and Jews were the type of population living there at time. Many years later, Williamsburg become one the most popular neighborhoods in Brooklyn because of its unique flavor.

It’s a neighborhood full of different types of people, with many restaurants, beautiful parks, and great vibe all around. It’s a perfect place to visit, and also to live in.

We were walking in the street, and experienced an artistic spirit. We saw historic buildings, many people selling different things, especially old and used books, people playing music, drinking coffee and enjoying the food in restaurants.

For us the most spectacular place was the Brooklyn Flea Market, where there were a lot of stands selling organic food, fresh drinks, handmade stuffs, vintage cloths and antiques, among other things. The environment of the market was pretty chill and fun; families and young people were having a great time. You can’t miss this kind of     places, where you will definitely enjoy.


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