North and west sides of Union Square Park
Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat 8am-6pm
4, 5, 6, L, N, Q, R, W lines to 14th St.-Union Sq.

 Union Square is a great public place in New York City, which is one of my favorite spots in the city and I think many of you would like it, too. This place is always crowded with young and funny people both by day and by night. So it is pretty fun to do nothing but sitting on the stairs with friends talking and looking on people(you can see skateboarders, b-boys and various kinds of performers).

 The atmosphere at Union Square on a market day is full of energy with lots of people walking around and enjoying the market. You can find everything such as fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants, wine, home-made cheeses, breads, jams, pickles, honey, maple syrup and so much more. Most of them are organic, naturally-grown or local and so fresh.

 I think it’s interesting to talk with the local farmers, bakers, and harvesters, and learn how they made their produce. They come from the upstate for this green market driving a long distance with a great pride of their products. Don’t forget to ask their favorite and the secret recipe. Besides, for us who are learning English, it’s a great opportunity to practice.

 Thus, you can enjoy yourself eating and shopping, or it could be fun just to walk around Union Square Greenmarket with your friends. Isn’t it amazing that in New York City there are these kinds of places that sell green and organic things? What about going for groceries this weekend at the Greenmarket? You will have a different experience, and you will definitely learn something new.


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