We are close to each other


IMG_0878    IMG_0884

Hi, This is John.

I like these pictures. We went to Tarrytown on the train that day when we had our workshop the second time. While taking a train I’ve never taken in America, we saw the Hudson river and several bridges. As soon as we reached our destination, we had lunch together in a Greek restaurant. After lunch, we planned to go to a different place, and then we were going to a bus station. At that time, I thought that walking on the sidewalk without talking to friends was boring. I began to talk with Ko and Embor who are my classmates in workshop. The more we talked to each other, the more we felt like we were close to each other. these pictures may be made while we were talking to each other. especially, I like the first picture. If you see the first picture, you will see my pose that imitated King Kong. At that time, I called Amber King Kong, and she called me monkey. Actually, what we said didn’t mean real King Kong and monkey. it is difficult to explain about the joke. it is a kind of  a feeling of Asian. Anyway, we became special friends.



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